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Monday, May 28, 2007

Teetering on the fence of to wear or not wear fur..?

Been following Reuters Limited's Planet Ark articles since back in my days as the FavoriteWebsite guru over at The stories and images are striking, sickening, and/or heartwarming on any given day with today's being no exception.. Their latest email update has a picture of a Kashmiri (India) fur dealer separating mounds of skins from endangered wildlife animals..

The image is not the clearest I've ever seen, but, man, the impact is there if you're teetering the fence.. If you're wanting to read more, there's a related article entitled, Kashmir to Destroy Rare Hides to Protect Wildlife..

One thing I don't get, though.. How does buying back the furs of endangered species from furriers not somehow encourage further trade in the same..?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Food and Water Watch :: No Bottled Water Pledge..

I've been wondering about this lately.. Ever since I started seeing that, albeit creative, bottled water commercial where the bottles of water are caught in a net and jumping around all over like little fishies on the deck of a fishing vessel..

In the commercial, they brag something about millions of bottles of water.. or millions of gallons of water.. Not sure which save for the "millions" part..

An-ee-way.. My mind bogs down every time it appears on the tube now because it *seems* like they're talking about saving the environment........

By taking these millions of bottles or gallons or whatever the measure is from the ocean by processing the salt water into fresh..

And exactly where do they think this is environmentally sound.. doesn't affect global warming..?

If you take a ladle and dip water out of a soup bucket, the liquid level goes down..

If you take a fishing vessel and take millions of gallons of water from the ocean, the water level goes down..

Heads up, here comes your can of V-8..

Adapted from today's Food and Water Watch emailing..

Happy Earth Day!

No Bottled Water Pledge..

I pledge to:

  • End my daily use of bottled water

  • Fill a reusable bottle with tap water to quench my thirst without hurting the environment

  • Support programs to ensure all Americans have access to clean, affordable, public tap water

This Earth Day, you can do something simple to help save the Earth. Ask 10 friends to Break the Habit. The bottled water habit, that is.

Did you know...

  • ... bottled water contributes to global warming? [1]

  • ... bottled water is less safe than our tap water? [2]

  • ... drinking bottled water undermines confidence in public tap water?

Join us as we break the bottled water habit. Sign the No Bottled Water Pledge then forward it to 10 friends.

Thanks for signing up, and Happy Earth Day!

Wenonah Hauter

Executive Director, Food & Water Watch

P.S. Upscale restaurants like the famous Chez Pannise are making the switch to tap water3--you can too! Can you forward this email to 10 friends and invite them to break the habit with you? [3]

[1] It takes more than 47 million gallons of oil to produce plastic water bottles for Americans every year. Eliminating those bottles would be like taking 100,000 cars off the road and 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. "The Real Cost of Bottled Water" San Francisco Chronicle, February 18, 2007

[2] The Environmental Protection Agency requires rigorous testing of tap water to ensure quality. Both regulation and enforcement of bottled water safety is weaker than that of tap water safety. Olson, Erik D. et al. "Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?" Natural Resources Defense Council

[3] "Upscale Restaurants Shun Bottled Water" ABC News, March 29, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome..

This online cache will serve as the last catch on the line for emails burning a cyber hole in my various inboxes.. This is anticipated to include any of those emails that don't quite qualify for sister blogs Butterfly Bytes, Six. Almost Seven.., and Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar..

Happy, Safe Surfing..